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Assistant Beach Fee Superintendent If you are interested in
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Category: Beach Fees
Department: Financial Management
Location: Varies
Days of Operation: Monday - Sunday
Work Days: Varies
Hours of Operation: up to 35 Hours/wk April, May, September
40 - 50 Hours/wk June, July, August
Season Length: April - September
Essential Duties and Responsibilities:
This position reports to the Beach Fee Superintendent

Develop, maintain and coordinate beach fee program coverage

Additional duties may include:

-Arrange transportation for staff

-Oversee seasonal staff

-Develop and execute plans for effective utilization of beach fee staff

-Assign and instruct supervisory personnel

-Coordinate staff training and orientation

-Assist in accounting and deposits; ensure all personnel follow proper auditing procedures

-Ensure that staff members are courteous and well trained in customer service

-Maintain positive image

-Review and resolve problems and complaints

-Maintain records and prepare reports

3 years experience in customer service and staff supervision

3 years experience in Accounting and/or Finance

Valid New Jersey Drivers License

Tools and Equipment Used:
Two-way radios; may drive a City vehicle

Physical Demands:
This is an indoor and outdoor job during the summer, which includes exposure to sun, heat and humidity, as well as walking on uneven beach sand. Footwear is recommended. Hats and sunscreen are available. Good vision, excellent communication and math skills are essential.

Reasonable accommodations may be available to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions of this job.

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